The Writer’s Toolbox
Discover the joys of word-craft! 

Whether you are a teacher, a student, or simply a lover of words, The Writer’s Toolbox will help develop your appreciation for the well-crafted phrase using time-tested tools called rhetorical devices. Rhetorical devices were first examined by the rhetoricians of ancient Greece. Writers and speakers have been honing these devices ever since in their search for clarity and beauty in language. Discover these tools for yourself in thirty short, enjoyable lessons in The Writer’s Toolbox.

The Writer’s Toolbox Features:

Thirty engaging lessons
Clear explanations
Examples from literature and oratory
Exercises with answer key
Review lessons and games
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The Writer's Toolbox is an excellent resource for Speech and Debate Students.  It will strengthen students' command of the language to be able to speak precisely and powerfully.  The 30 lessons are short but thorough, with exercises that truly translate into effective speech writing and the art of persuasion

–Kathy Zimmerman,

Speech, Debate, and Writing Teacher

of Twenty Years

Pat and Meagan Samuelsen have made learning to write more effectively an entertaining journey!  The Writer's Toolbox is filled with engaging examples and exercises to encourage lively, precise writing, and I dare say it would even appeal to the reluctant writer!

        –Cathy Barta,  Veteran Homeschool Mom

I loved The Writer's Toolbox! The lessons weren't stiff and confusing like some other books on writing can be; I had fun completing them–plus, I learned so many new writing devices at the same time! The examples were interesting, funny, and helped clarify each lesson, while the exercises helped me remember the techniques and put them into practice. Out of all the assignments we received for class, my friends and I always looked forward to The Writer's Toolbox!


I wish The Writer’s Toolbox had been available when my children were young.

–Laurie Bluedorn,  Trivium Pursuit


Innovative, thought provoking, and usefulall describe this fresh way to teach creative sentence writing. It's a must for every serious teacher's library and serious student's library. 

–Betty Cooke,  Writing Instructor